Top 5 Tips For Living a More Sustainable Lifestyle

To live sustainably is to live meaningfully.

We see our oceans and seas intoxicated with plastic.

We feel the air pollution every time we go out.

We feel the temperature getting higher.

We are the witnesses to environmental damage happening more and more every day.

There is an opportunity to change that.

Together we can prevent the Earth’s further damage.

As individuals, we are able to change our lifestyles.

As humans, we are able to change the world.

Sustainability has become more important than ever. Trying to live sustainably is a significant step towards a healthy planet.

If everyone started living sustainably, our future generations would live better. They would follow our footsteps too.

Here are the top 5 tips for living a more sustainable life.


Go plastic-free

One of the easiest steps we can take in achieving our sustainable lifestyle is forgetting about plastic.

Going plastic-free means replacing it with biodegradable products such as totes instead of plastic bags, metal or paper straws instead of plastic ones.

Using your cotton tote prevents you from buying a plastic bag every time you go shopping.

You will be wasting less money but also contributing to the planet.

Some shops offer a paper bag as well, that you can reuse.

These are just minor changes in your lifestyle that lead to big changes to humanity.

Choosing to buy with minimal packaging is also a way to achieve that goal.

It’s essential to stop using plastic since it is not biodegradable.

We use about 8.5 million straws a year.

They all end up in the ocean, leading to the disruption of the ecosystem.

We can stop that.

This problem is getting bigger, as we usually don’t think in a “bio way” when we do regular day to day activities.

NOW is the perfect time to go BIO.


Use a different method of transportation

One of the most convenient ways of traveling to our destination is by a car.

Tons of carbon dioxide are released in the air, causing air pollution.

It’s what makes up most of the greenhouse gases.

Air pollution is deadly. More cases show up every day.

Our lungs are suffering because of us.

Our planet is getting warmer due to greenhouse emissions.

Our health is getting poorer.

By walking or riding a bike, we are saving our planet.

We are not using fuel, or releasing carbon dioxide into the air.

We are using natural ways to get to the destination.

With walking or riding a bike we also contribute to our health.

It’s much healthier to do that than to bread in toxic gasses that will only make you feel worse.

Our bodies will thank us in 10 years.


Change the way we buy clothes

Before going shopping, think about all the places where you can shop and choose the most sustainable option.

For example, instead of going to the mall – you can try going to a thrift shop.

Second-hand shops offer a lot of exciting stuff, from jewelry to interesting pieces of clothing.

Reusing clothes is a sustainable choice that you’ll not regret.

If you’re asking yourselves how your shopping increases pollution, let us answer that question

The clothing industry leads to water pollution, toxic waste, water contamination, and residual waste.

From the way they are producing material to the material ingredients themselves – pollution is happening.

All clothing that’s not usable ends up as residual waste or in the sea leading to water contamination.

Choosing to wear reusable clothes helps.

If you like shopping, you should always choose sustainable brands.

Buy clothing that is made from organic cotton or clothing that has been produced sustainably.

Choosing biodegradable clothes is always a better option since it won’t lead to pollution or contamination.

Buying smarter is a way to live sustainably.


Save energy at home


Switching to renewable energy is the most efficient way of achieving our sustainable goals.

By doing that we are reducing the dose of daily gasses that lead to pollution and climate change.

Renewables are more available now than ever.

Putting a solar panel on our homes, using wind to power our electricity are just two ways to contribute to our sustainability goal.

We can choose electric cars powered by renewables.

This type of energy isn’t as expensive as it seems.

Make your house more energy-friendly.

We can shower less, not wasting our water.

Switching off lights makes us not waste energy that is not renewable.

Unplug unused plugs; they still use energy.

Clean your freezer from frost. Your freezer uses more energy when frosted.

Turn off appliances you don’t use. They still use energy, even on standby mode.

These are just small steps that will contribute to our planet.


Go refurbished

If you need a new telephone, gadget or computer don’t immediately start thinking of buying a new one.

Refurbished are second-hand electrical appliances, such as smartphones, laptops, and refrigerators that have been “polished”, repaired or returned by the customer because the packaging was broken.

These devices are as good as new, with a much lower cost.

You prevent the production of new electronic devices.

Electronic stores waste a lot of nonrenewable energy.

That energy creates pollution.

It damages our health leading to diseases such as cancer.

Going refurbish means going healthy.

We opt to live sustainably with still having premium devices that are the same as new.


Try to eat locally


Local food is fresh and delicious.

Food that’s not produced locally had traveled a long time before it ended up on your plate, resulting in a vast CO2 emission.

When you eat what’s in season, you’re eating in a farm-to-table manner by enjoying foods that local farmers harvested.

This way, you get delicious produce, and there is little to no transportation involved.

You can start gardening as well.

Even if you don’t feel particularly green-fingered, you can quickly get started with a couple of planters or window boxes.

Trees and plants reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

They also provide habitats and food for a huge range of animals and insects.


Final thoughts


Choosing to live SUSTAINABLY is pretty easy, just follow our top 5 tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle.

You can shower less.

You can use totes when going shopping.

You can forget about cars, and start walking.

Plastic can become the past.

Let’s start our journey of sustainability.

Living GREEN is a new way to live HAPPY.

Together we can change the planet.