Greenvolt project by Nanom stole the show at EIC Investor day

At the beginning of 2020. the EU unfolded the EU Green Deal, a policy to make Europe carbon neutral by 2050.


The main focus of this policy is to change the EU’s economy into a sustainable one.


The European Green Deal provides an action plan to boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy and reducing biodiversity and cutting pollution.


This plan outlines the financial tools AVAILABLE and the investments needed for the plan to BE SUCCESSFUL.


The European Commission has introduced a European Innovation Council (EIC) to support high-risk, high-impact ideas, to turn science into a new business, and accelerate the scale-up of’ game-changing’ innovators shaping the future.


In March of 2020., the European Innovation Council (EIC) launched a call for Green start-ups.


To be considered for funding from the EU, Green Deal companies had to show an ability to tackle at least one of the eight ambitious goals set forth for Europe.


Being the largest funding sum ever from the EIC, with €300m to invest, the choice of what innovations will get the funding was very challenging. In the end, 64 companies were chosen for investments.


The EIC Investor Day


On 10-11 November 2020. the EIC organized an Investor Day dedicated to the EU Green Deal, bringing together more than 100 active participants during the two days, out of which more than 40 were investors.


Several panels were featured at the event. They were dedicated to sustainability, climate tech and showcasing of some of the EIC’s green tech success stories.


There were four sessions divided into four categories:


  1. ‘Renewable energy’
  2.  ‘Climate change, resources efficiencies and sustainable agri-food tech
  3.  ‘Sustainable cities and circular economy’
  4.  ‘Green transport & mobility’


Out of nine companies in the run per season, one winner was selected by jury members and the public.


It was a tough competition with each participant showcasing innovative technologies and solutions tailored towards creating a better tomorrow


The winners of each category were: Greenvolt project by Nanom, AlgaEnergy, Circularise and AVILOO.

The winners & the EIC




AlgaEnergy is a biotech company founded in 2007. The main focus of this organization is microalgae.


For AlgaEnergy, the EIC played a critical role in fostering and promoting one of Europe’s main assets: sustainable innovation and bio-economy.




Circularise’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and enable sustainable practices on a mass scale by promoting reliable and standardized information on material flows and composition.



AVILOO pitched a battery testing system for electric vehicles.


They are focusing on a problem with batteries with the decrease in available power and a range of electric vehicles (EV) due to battery degradation over time.


The ultimate winner – the Greenvolt project by Nanom


The Greenvolt project by Nanom stole the show at EIC Investor day by introducing a new plan for a healthier tomorrow.


Greenvolt is building the battery materials of tomorrow by applying advanced nanotechnology to energy storage.


We strive to make a difference using the power of our innovations.


Our vision is to pioneer innovation for sustainable life on earth & beyond.


And our brand reflects that.


We’re using new technologies to create a positive change in the world.


Our brand, Greenvolt, captured our passion for Green Energy, Voltage and Batteries.


Nano is the use of matter on a near-atomic size scale to produce new structures, materials and possibilities. We work with the building blocks of life to meet our goals.


Nanotechnology is changing the industry and is leading the way to a changed future.


Real change comes from within and that lies at the core of our name and the core of our vision.


We use the power of Nano (Nanotech & the use of matter) to impact the universe (the Om, the entirety of the universe, truth and knowledge).


We see Nanom as a way to leverage technology and innovation to contribute to the future health of the planet.


Greenvolt project is based on creating nano-enhanced materials integrated into tomorrow’s battery technologies, thereby greatly increasing the size and surface of batteries electrodes and leading to more efficient energy storage through material innovation.


The CEO of Nanom is Arman Kojic.


Thanks to the EIC, Greenvolt project by Nanom gained insights and connections crucial to our business development.


For us, “The definition of successful entrepreneurship is not how big and smart their ideas are, but the execution of those ideas made possible by the network and support around them”.


We believe our innovations can have a huge impact on Europe and the world.


Becoming a part of the EIC dialogue is a huge step in achieving our goal.


Final thoughts


The EIC is connecting business leaders from all around the world.


It’s helping them grow together.


Making synergies is crucial to making the FUTURE better.


The EIC was and still is a place for ideas.


The EIC Investor Days are hosted regularly.


The Greenvolt project by Nanom is using nanotechnology to make our planet safer, healthier and more sustainable.


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