Silica based Nanoparticles on demand as capacity is expanded

We are excited to announce some new innovations from Nanom. We have been further developing our technology to make production of nano materials even more cost effective and environmentally friendly and new materials and innovations are being rolled out each month.

Nanom has ramped up production and can now mass produce a range of materials with the latest addition being Silica based materials.  We know the importance of being able to commercially produce new innovations so that they have a path to the marketplace. That way they can make a real impact. We are proud to announce our expanded capacity and our ability to produce Silica based materials to meet market demand.

 Nanom Nano Silica

Nanom produces tailored nanomaterials on demand, at industrial volumes. We deliver industry demand through our innovative nanoparticle manufacturing facility for tailored materials

We have updated our facilities and product offering:

  • Nano Silica tailored to our customer needs, in the range of 10-700 nanometers  (see our Silica product datasheet)
  • expanded our facilities providing a cost-effective way of scaling up production in industrial volumes.
  • small footprint production
  • low energy consumption
  • environmentally friendly, no waste or environmental impact

Other nanomaterials we produce for our partners:

  • silicon
  • yttria
  • zirconia
  • alumina
  • exfoliated graphite
  • activated carbon
  • and more

Our unique method for nanoparticle production was covered in this recent article with IEEE.

Contact us to discuss ways that Nanom can help you with advancing your material innovations.