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Top 5 Tips For Living a More Sustainable Lifestyle

To live sustainably is to live meaningfully. We see our oceans and seas intoxicated with plastic. We feel the air pollution every time we go out. We feel the temperature getting higher. We are the witnesses to environmental damage happening more and more every day. There is an opportunity to change that. Together we can […]
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3 Nanotech Inventions Everyone In The World Should Know About

Nanotechnology is changing all industrial sectors.  We see better, stronger electric cars that are not damaging our environment.   Renewable energy is available to more and more people every day.   We can now use solar energy at night.   We can store energy in batteries that last longer.  We are on a path to cure cancer with nanosensors – […]
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Nanotechnology in robotics

4 Surprising Nanotechnology Applications In Electronics 

Nanotech affects the electronic field by modifying devices and materials, making them more powerful.  By altering materials on a nanoscale, we are getting durable devices with better quality.   We get more efficiency that can support our day to day activities.   Nanotechnology is improving electronic components’ capabilities, allowing us to have a better experience using the […]
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Greenvolt project by Nanom stole the show at EIC Investor day

At the beginning of 2020. the EU unfolded the EU Green Deal, a policy to make Europe carbon neutral by 2050.   The main focus of this policy is to change the EU’s economy into a sustainable one.   The European Green Deal provides an action plan to boost the efficient use of resources by […]
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The European Green Deal – A Path Towards A Climate-Neutral Future

Climate change doesn’t only affect the weather and the general climate, it affects nature at its core. It can wipe out species, change ecosystems, damage the water we drink and pollute the air we breathe. The impact this phenomenon has on our planet is tremendously destructive.     Europe tackles climate change one step at a time    “Europe’s environment is at a […]
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Electric Excitement | The Greenvolt Magnea Project [Nanom & Navis]

Continuous progress in the field of nanotechnology leads to new and greater inventions. We believe that a continuous focus on innovation powered by nanotechnology will lead to monumental changes in our everyday life. Our contribution to that vision is Greenvolt Magnea – a new concept in electric boats set to change the way boats function, […]
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