Greenvolt becomes Nanom

nanotech greenvolt nanom

We’re a dedicated team of believers in change.

We strive to make a difference using the power of our innovations. 

Our vision is to pioneer innovation ​for sustainable life on earth & beyond. ​

And our brand reflects that.

We’re using new technologies to create a positive change in the world.

Our brand, Greenvolt, captured our passion for Green Energy, Voltage and Batteries.

However, we have come to realise that the potential of our technology goes beyond the field of energy, and with the realisation comes a higher ambition, an ambition to facilitate the change of the world through the adoption of sustainable technologies.

Therefore, we felt it was time to replace the Greenvolt brand with something that captures the true potential of our technology and our innovative spirit that drives it.

A name that would allow us to elevate our brand to a new level.

We felt we needed a new name that captures what we offer to the world:

Nanom combines the words Nano and Om, and is a reflection of our vision.

Nano stands for nanotechnology and nanoparticles. 

Nano is the use of matter on a near-atomic size scale to produce new structures, materials and possibilities. We work with the building blocks of life to meet our goals. 

Om is the source of the entire universe. It signifies the essence of the ultimate reality, consciousness and true, inner self.

Real change comes from within and that lies at the core of our name and the core of our vision. 

Change comes from within us as individuals, within us as a team, from within the products we build, the innovations we create and the planet we share.

We use the power of Nano (Nanotech & the use of matter) to impact the universe (the Om, the entirety of the universe, truth and knowledge).

And our new name reflects that. 

Greenvolt will remain a project that is led and developed by Nanom, as we continue to create the battery materials of tomorrow.

The Greenvolt project remains our flagship energy innovation as a part of the EU Green Deal. 

Nanom as a brand includes an icon that captures what lies behind the brand. The icon (or “the Om” as we call it) is a representation of  several key elements; nanotechnology, our planet, the circular economy, balance, connection, support, the circle of life and giving back.

We see Nanom as a way to leverage technology and innovation to contribute to the future health of the planet.

We’ll continue to innovate and develop new technologies that impact people’s lives and we encourage everyone to join us on that path.

We’ll continue to create a path to clean, affordable, and renewable energy sources while lessening toxicity burdens on the environment.  

We’ll continue to work on creating a better tomorrow.

For me, for you, for everyone.