Electric Excitement | The Greenvolt Magnea Project [Nanom & Navis]

Continuous progress in the field of nanotechnology leads to new and greater inventions.

We believe that a continuous focus on innovation powered by nanotechnology will lead to monumental changes in our everyday life.

Our contribution to that vision is Greenvolt Magnea – a new concept in electric boats set to change the way boats function, how they are made and what we think of as electric boats.


Nanom and Navis got a chance to create and test drive a prototype of one of the first Icelandic electric boats ever built.

This whole boat was designed as a battery since the electric charge is inside the material the boat was built out of. Nanom used their very own Greenvolt powered technology to enhance the boat hull using nanoparticle innovations.

The test drive done by the Nanom & Navis team exceeded everyone’s expectations.

This provides a glimpse into the future where sea and river transportation will become more sustainable and environmental friendly.

Also, we’ve successfully proven that we can use nanotechnology to change our everyday lives while creating a more sustainable way of transportation.

Decreasing the carbon footprint of the Icelandic fleet


The boat was presented at the Fisheries Exhibition in Iceland.

Since this unique energy source provides a more environmentally friendly approach to boat building there was plenty of interest from the key players from within the Icelandic fishing industry. The impact this could have on the Icelandic fishing fleet is monumental.

When we think of electrifying boats we first think of using conventional Lithium batteries. But this is not ideal for the environment or the safety of the people on board these boats.

“This new technology is incredible, but with nanotechnology and carbon fibre, the same material is both a battery and a boat hull that is built from these carbon fibres, so that the boat itself becomes one large battery. The hull of the boat is also strengthened using nanotechnology which creates a stronger structure that has anti-fouling properties “

Changing the future of boat design

The space that would normally be used for batteries, can be used for a better user experience on board. You can throw out the two baby elephants that are your batteries and make room for extra passengers or extra supplies.

The boat will also be quieter than your standard boat.

The battery of the future is a battery you don´t even notice

We believe that Greenvolt Magnea electric boats can become a part of the future fleet as technology development aligns with the regulatory push to go electric.

The lithium batteries are dominant in the industry and introducing the Greenvolt apporach to batteries may involve hybrid solutions where we combine structural batteries with lithium ion as a way to get the best of both worlds.

Eventually we see structural batteries as the future as they are safer and make more sense economically and for the environment. Having a lithium ion battery on the open water can be a big safety issue. Lithium reacts intensely with water, forming lithium hydroxide and highly flammable hydrogen. In a report made by the European Union, scientists conclude that a lithium-ion battery fire on board of a ship can be more deadly than a sinking ship. This type of fire is one of the most dangerous and difficult fires to control and extinguish. The Nanom Greenvolt battery does not heat up and is not flammable.

The goal is to create environmentally friendly boats where the structure is powering the boat itself using the Greenvolt Magnea approach to boat building.

The advantage is that you can use the building material of the device to propel it and save weight, increase performance and minimize the environmental impact.

Imagine a future where the car’s hood, the electric bike frame, or even an entire aircraft wing – can be a battery. We think the products of tomorrow will be built with the user in mind and the energy will simply live inside the product without it being obvious to the end user how it is integrated.

At Nanom we focus on innovations that push the boundaries of what is possible while making sure the solution is sustainable.

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